Strolls for Baby and You

Downtown to Chinatown via Webster St.
- This route ensures interesting window shopping. At the end of your route, you can pick up delights in Chinatown for under $3.00.

Lake Merritt in the Mornings
- Air is super crisp and you can always catch kayakers gliding in the morning waters.

Temescal Park
- For some reason, this park gets overlooked but it’s beautiful. Won’t say more, just go and see for yourself.

Park St. in Alameda in the evening
- This town often gets written off as main street USA. But I was pleasantly surprised by this street. Lots of cute indie shops that stay open past 6! While you're there, eat at Bagan (it will hit your burmese food craving)

hope to add more lovely strolls, send it my way.

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