Giveaway- $50 Gift Card for CSN Stores

Can you tell me about a DIY project that you did or want to do? Maybe you refinished an old armoire or have plans to create a community garden. The most creative and heartwarming project will win a $50 gift card that can be used to buy anything from a bathroom vanity to a crib at any of the 200 CSN online stores.

This contest will run through May 28, 2010. The winner will be announced on June 1.

To Enter:

-Follow me on Twitter @mamalounge.com

-Post details about your project in the comment section.

Thanks to Oakbook, Flinc, and TipJunkie for helping spread the word


Mami2jcn said...

I have a baby girl who is almost 9 months old and we've been co-sleeping. Prior to her birth, we were getting her room ready when unexpectedly we had a plumbing disaster in our upstairs and her carpet was ruined. It took a couple of months for ServePro to clean up and put in new carpeting and trim. But we never got around to painting her room and decorating. Since she was co-sleeping, we figured we'd put it off for a while.

So now, what I'd like to do is really make her bedroom girly. I'd like to paint it a soft pink, put wooden letters spelling her name up on her wall, frame her cutest pictures and hang them, and add some cute dolls/stuffed animals on a shelf.

I follow you on Twitter @mami2jcn.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

Cheryl said...

I follow you on twitter @HeartnSoulmom

My project is doing a kitchen accessories replacement. I have pots and pan that my grandmother gave me. They are literally falling apart and I just don't ever have the right pan, dish or pot to cook properly with, so I am throwing out the old and getting me some new pans and casserole dishes. I love CSN stores because that is where it is all going to come from.

Anne said...

My DIY project I have been working on and is finally coming along :) is on my "creative corner" (No, I don't have a craft room.) I plan on taking a little space at a time in my home until I make it beautiful and this is one place that means the most to me. I get such pleasure to handmake a gift (which is most often the case) or to sew something new, I needed to want to be there. I DIY painted my desk and gave it a varnish, added shelf liner myself, bought the perfect chair, made a memo board for my patterns, made a matching rag rug, added an etsy purchased barn star :) I love it! Thank you for the chance! annemolino at hotmail dot com

Anne said...

I forgot to say I follow you on twitter. amolino

Natalie Jane said...

I recently created a "princess reading nook" for my daugther.


Now I want to refinish a lovely book shelf to make it even "fancier". If only I could convince my daughter if should be yellow instead of pink!

carmen said...

I am following you on Twitter (atlantagalknows)

The project I'm looking forward to doing is painting some of my own artwork for our kitchen wall! That's the most ambitious of my craft projects! Also whenever we get a house with a yard, I would LOVE to plant my own garden. For now, it's just planters on a window sill :)

Thanks so much!

Domestic Diva said...

I'm getting ready to plant berry bushes along the side of our yard. Then there's building a fence....lots of projects.