Week 30-- In training for labor

I read in a prenatal prep book that getting ready for labor is like training for a marathon. After attending a childbirthing class earlier this week, it seems that every labor process is different.

Well of course everyone I know went in with their mind set to have a 100% natural birth but after several hours of pain, the epidural came right on time. In fact, several friends indicated that they wished they asked for the drug earlier on.

Since the beginning of my pregnancy, I've continued to walk and swim. Adding on a bit of aqua walking too since my core is strengthened through the water resistance. Other women at the Y, tell me I look pretty fit and that my labor should go fairly well with all this exercise. Honestly I don't want to have my hopes up and would rather not have any expectations.

Interestingly enough while in my childbirth class at Kaiser, our holistic instructor felt that I was the type that would enjoy hypno birthing techniques. What is it anyways?

Well, plenty of parents on the Berkeley Parents Network swear by it. On the official hypnobirthing website, other women testify they gave birth after 3 minutes of conducting positive visualizations. There's a very popular school of practice: Mongan Method. It's rooted in hypnotherapy with the addition of power of suggestion. Women in labor are encouraged to practice positive affirmation, controlled breathing, and visualization to relax the body--self-hypnosis.

There are several classes offered in Berkeley by private instructors but also a home study practice through New Way Childbirth.

After writing this entry, I might be down to learn a bit more and use the techniques during my labor.

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