Baby Powder--What...I can't use it?

We went to a newborn care class over the weekend, and I was shocked to see in our handout the line, "DON'T USE BABY POWDER"in bold. I raised my hand to ask why? Our instructor stated that the studies show that it has caused asthma and respiratory problems in infants. It was the first time I heard that this soothing and soft scented of powder is a big no-no?

Fascinated by this new discovery, I asked around.

When I asked cousins who grew up in the Philippines, they didn't really agree. Everyone uses baby powder in hot, tropical countries. They said "it's not like parents just throw it around and little babies inhale it." They just do a little dash in the diaper area. Sounds reasonable.

Maybe then it is okay?

By nature as Americans, we tend to over worry and sometimes pediatric study results often change right?

But when I did further research, I found that the ingredient TALC which is found in major brands of baby powder is actually the one with the bad rep.

powder may be linked to several diseases/disorders

a cancer organization's view

However there are alternatives like diaper lotion or talc free dusting powders like this:

buy it here

A reader also suggested using corn starch which is much cheaper and can also be used in cooking.

Good thing for alternatives, everyone loves that baby smell.

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Anonymous said...

We use organic corn starch. It's much cheaper and can be used in food as well.