It's not about me anymore

One of the most bittersweet things about being a new mother is letting go of yourself. Especially for those of us who enjoyed a life of extreme independence and freedom. As mind boggling and nerve wracking a baby can be, new mothers always find that moment of magic when you realize it's all worth it. My good friend Mari shared a breakthrough experience she had with her 16 month old son while visiting Panama:

On top of feeling tired from our long flight, being almost 6 months pregnant and dealing with humidity, Omar got a teething attack 15 minutes after we had put him to bed! I've never seen him get this bad as if going insane. He could barely open his eyes and his hand in mouth while slobbering all over. I was holding Omar so he wouldn't hurt himself as he was moving all crazy!

I rushed to my teething tablets and tylenol...thank God I brought them! Lesson #1 you can never be over prepared with a baby. It took awhile for the medicine to kick in because he kept crying not even wanting his bottle.

Long story short....after realizing he wasn't going to sleep I realized that he needed more than drugs. He needed the love of his mother. I picked him up and he held me so tight...his little arms around my neck. Tears just rolled down my cheek as I rocked him to sleep while listening to his cry getting softer and softer. At this time it didn't matter that I was tired with a back ache or missing the movie playing in the living room.

I realized no matter how I try to balance my life as a mother, wife, woman (who still likes to have fun) Omar comes first. Before I became a mother I was ready to check out the latest clubs, walk the streets, sleep in and party all night while travelling. As a mother I am more focused on Omar getting the most out of our trip. From there I can experience the same joy.

Gracias Mama por todo las noches que tu me arrullastes cuando yo no me sentia bien...te quiero mucho!!!

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