Stumbling Upon Whimsical Art

Months before baby Kai was born, J and I went hunting for art at an antique sale in a hidden West Oakland warehouse. At the time, we were searching for something cute to accent Kai's nursery. J stumbled into the art room which contained random prints and old frames stacked in no particular order. The first print he pulled was framed in an ornate gold frame just like the one posted here but the cat is a blue/green. We both loved it immediately and knew it was an original of some sorts but not questioning who the artist might be. It was priced at $20 so we figured it was a talented but undiscovered creative soul.

For several weeks now, baby Kai has grown quite fond of the piece. I'm not sure if it's the gold frame or the funny looking cat. Then I looked at the signature which reads "Weidman". It finally occurred to me that I should look up the name...you never know right?

So I googled "Weidman Artist" and the name David Weidman comes up. Turns out that Weidman is a well known animator from the 50's and 60's. Best known for his work with Hannah Barbara. His work is a favorite with many designers. Our gem is titled "Dummy Cat" which is part of a series of limited edition silk screened prints. Others in the series are going well over $200 at the moment. We're thrilled and emailed Weidman to see if he can tell us more about our print.

I highly recommend his work for any room. Babies and adults love the vintage modern style of Weidman's art.

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