Enjoy the Holiday Y'all

I know many of my people aren't down with the historical meaning of Thanksgiving. But at the end of the day, it's a holiday where our families get together to cook and eat. I'm off to our dinner. Lucky me my brother in law is a chef so he can really throw down in the kitchen. I was in charge of making a salad, cranberry sauce, and yams which I made all from scratch...none of that canned stuff. Pretty good for a lady with a baby right?

Anyways, just wanted to give thanks to my readers who motivate me to update my blog twice a week. I appreciate friends who send me sweet emails about the entry that really resonated with them. To my readers who I don't know in person but come from all over the country and a few international ones too. Mama Lounge is a good place to be knowing that you're all right here too.


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