Work In Progress: 2018

Crazy…when Kai turns 10, the year will be 2018. Obama has made me think a lot about generations and legacy. I’m getting older and the world is changing rapidly. I wonder what Kai will know or not know.

He may not believe that when I was ten, there was no such thing as the Internet. That no one talked on cell phones and that kids his age paid 20 cents to call their parents from a pay phone. The term library card catalog may not ring a bell either. Atari, Mervyns, and Mothers animal cookies will mean nothing to him as well. Heck he won’t ever watch anything on VHS or listen to music on a cassette tape either. Hopefully my baby will be able to imagine a world without an iPod and social networking.

He might know that he is a second generation Filipino Vietnamese. Perhaps even wonder about his grandfather who was a pilot in the Viet Nam war.

He may know bits and pieces of his Vietnamese tongue and not know much of the Tagalong one.

In 2018 he may look at me to say “Mom, you’re so old school.” I may weep or laugh but look at my son with awe. Hopefully all scrapbooks , stories written, and video captured will help him understand what life was like right now.
Crazy how time flies.

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