My babies are sicky sicky

I know my posting is a little late today. What can I say? My little guy caught a bad cold after spending time with lots of family in Tahoe. It seemed that everyone had a sniffly nose or cough. Tis the season.

If you're wondering what to do about your little one's runny nose since baby can't blow their nose, here's advice from my brother in law who happens to be a pediatrician:

- Squirt saline nasal spray gently up both nostrils
- Then use the rubber sunction bulb to suck up nose residue from each nostril
- Expose your baby to steam by placing them in the bathroom in their favorite car seat/high chair and run hot water in the shower.

Taking care of a sick baby is more straight forward than figuring out a sick pet. Choco fell ill several days ago. We thought he was sick from nibbling on our xmas tree which I just learned is hazardous to cats. Turns out after leaving him at the emergency pet hospital last night that Choco has early stages of arthritis on his back leg and a possible UTI. It's not easy trying to juggle taking care of a sick baby and a sick pet. Poor Choco is on four different types of meds. I'm still trying to figure out what's the best way to give him pills. My other question is how the heck people can afford having multiple kids and pets? Vet bills are expensive!

Anyways as I'm nursing these boys back to health, I'm prepping for a reading this Wednesday. I'm not big on reading my work out loud but once in a blue moon a friend can convince me to do so. Come to hear other local artists read and grab a yummy snack at the Mixing Bowl on Wednesday:

The Word is Out: Oakland’s Emerging Writers Mix it Up!


WHERE: The Mixing Bowl Cafe, 4920 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609

Literary artists: Grace Loh, Sian Jones, Caroline Kim Brown & me

What's ahead on Thursday's post: OVERparenting

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