Get your share....Motherhood Maternity Busted

Several postings ago, I discussed the Motherhood and Parenting magazine scam. Motherhood shared mailing addresses and credit card information to the magazine which allowed them to charge a $20 subscription fee without approval. Recently I learned that there is a class action settlement for claims against Mothers Work, Inc. (Motherhood, Mimi Maternity, Pea in the Pod, and Destination Maternity)

The settlement provides for a $25 store credit to any of the stores listed above. I know it seems like such a small settlement for a corporation that has shared personal information.

If your information was shared without permission and you’d like to be part of this settlement, check out the case.

Funny thing is that Mothers Work still denies any wrongdoing. I wonder if their management people would like it if there was a mystery charge on their credit card. Arrgh!


juliettehareoconnor.com said...

Hi, I am a grandmother on a mission to bust the Destination Maternity store here in Louisiana and Parenting Magazine for the credit card scam. I am just so mad. I tried to click on the "case" link you have here, but I get a warning that it might be an unsecure website. Can you tell me if it is still a secure site? I am in touch with the local police dept. who are working with me on this, the BBB and soon the Louisiana Attorney General. I am really really mad. They stole my credit card #. Thanks, Juliette

mama lounge said...

Hi Juliette,
I'm sorry to hear that they scammed you too! The link to the settlement case may not exist anymore because the case closed. Interesting enough, I still have not received anything from the settlement. It's been close to a year since I filled out the settlement postcard. I'll do a little research to see if a new case has opened up and be in touch. You won't be the first to sue them. Good luck.