Keep the Flame Alive: Love & Sex after Baby

It’s true when you become a new parent, romance and sex can become low priority. For moms, our bodies are recovering, we hardly have time to shower, and our libido is beat. Who’s in the mood when you’ve only slept three hours and have changed dozens of poopie diapers?

Date night sounds good in theory but can be difficult to set up. It means finding a sitter and letting go of precious time with the baby. If you’re a working mom, it’s especially hard to justify being away from the baby for another 2-3 hours. But mamas, we have to let go once in a while. We forget that being alone with our partners is special too.

Even if you can’t manage formal date nights, here are some quickies:

-On the weekends snoodle in bed longer.If your baby rises early, let him/her play in the room while you stay in bed. Extra cuddling time goes a long way.

-Once baby is asleep, give your partner a hand massage. It doesn’t require tons of energy, but it’s nice.

-Don’t feel in the mood? Get in the mood. Drink a bit of port before bed, light the candles and you’ll go back to the honeymoon days.

-Bath time isn’t just for babies. Run each other a bath complete with epson salts and lavender.

-Buy your partner a small gift to let them know how much you appreciate their support.

The more love between you two, the more love baby will feel. Xoxo

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