2010 is here and a new union

Twenty Ten, I think this is how I will say it. Anyways thanks for hanging tight with me. I had a pretty cool holiday minus my one night of battling wicked food poisoning. My bay area readers please avoid Yojimbo’s in Alameda.

I made an executive decision in which I’ll roll out in the next few posts. Many months ago I began writing another blog which I coined Vietmom because I wanted a space to share Vietnamese curiosities and must haves, but it was hard for me to balance the two sites. So I figured why do they have to be separate? It’s a 2010 union of my Vietnamese culture and my motherhood. So there. Hope that’s cool with all of you.

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J said...

its only natural! you should trademark "vietmom". maybe one day you'll have a media empire built on it.