Rain Rain Go Away

The Bay Area has seen some stormy weather all week. Californians are sad. We don’t do so well in our non insulated homes and non weatherproof clothes. Oh well. I really do admire folks in the mid-west who still manage to have fun in the extreme cold.

Kai likes all his new rain gear which includes:

Yellow Rain Boots by Vincent Shoes

Bubble Jacket by Bon Bebe with a faux fur collar

The downer is that he gets so little time outside. So we’ve tried to be creative with homemade play dough, dance sessions with me, and night walks when possible with a flashlight.

We also moved into Kai's room to hibernate. I find that I really enjoy sleeping together as family. It helps with cutting down the heating bill and we all help each feel warm and cozy.

Kaboose offers some cool ideas to keep kids active in the winter too.

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