I'm away and loving it

Okay who says a mother of a young child can't go away for seven days? I'm on day 3 of my writing retreat and loving it. Good news is that baby and hubby are doing well too. This is my third time out of CA and away from my son. The first time was a 24 hour trip to Vancouver for a friend's wedding. Kai was 2 months old then. Second time was four days in New York. Kai was 16 months. This time he is 22 months and more bonded with daddy, no meltdowns yet.

Do I feel guilty? No. Why should I? Mothers should never feel guilty for wanting to rejuvenate themselves and spend time alone. If I'm to balance work, motherhood, and marriage....then time away is a necessity to sustain all this.

If you're a mother of a young child and have not gone away for at least a night on your own, allow yourself this gift. You will enjoy the silence and revisiting your old self. It's okay.

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