And The Winner Is...

Thanks to everyone who shared a DIY story with me. I wish I could have picked more than one winner as there were a few stories that were quite heartwarming. The winner is Anne of Cutesy Crafty.

Here was her entry:

My DIY project I have been working on and is finally coming along :) is on my "creative corner" (No, I don't have a craft room.) I plan on taking a little space at a time in my home until I make it beautiful and this is one place that means the most to me. I get such pleasure to handmake a gift (which is most often the case) or to sew something new, I needed to want to be there. I DIY painted my desk and gave it a varnish, added shelf liner myself, bought the perfect chair, made a memo board for my patterns, made a matching rag rug, added an etsy purchased barn star :) I love it! Thank you for the chance!

Thanks Anne for sharing your story and continuing to gift people with handmade goodness.

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