Happy Pho for Lazy Nights

I’ve never had brown pho noodles until yesterday. Our good friend Kendall introduced us to this designed for hipsters kinda box of Happy Pho. It’s been sitting in our pantry for three weeks and I finally broke it out last night for dinner. Sure I could make my own pho, but after a weekend of hubby being sick and many household chores, I was ready to be lazy. Luckily I had beef broth, green onions, cilantro, and baked tofu on hand. I whipped out two adult bowls and a baby bowl of pho out of the single box in about twelve minutes.

Kai didn’t like it much but he’s also in love and loyal to his grandma’s pho. J thought it was pretty good but felt that there was something missing. The truth is you can’t replace homemade pho that’s been brewing for three to six hours. But for something instant and healthy, Happy Pho does the trick because the anise and coriander flavor comes out. The brown pho noodles were tasty and surpassed my expectations. Star Anise products are gluten and MSG free which makes it ultra healthy as well. I still recommend it for those lazy nights and camping trips. For those who don’t have mom’s homemade pho, this could be the next best thing.

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