Ten Day Countdown and I'm Back to Work

kai took this incredibooth photo on an outing

 OMG, I can't believe that I'm going back to work in ten days!   For five months, I've had the honor of staying home with Kai and writing short stories.   One season later I find myself in that bittersweet state again.  Thrilled to have an exciting new opportunity but definitely sad that I can't sit in my PJ's for half the day and write fiction.  As a mom, I've cherished my time with Kai to help him transition to preschool, make a big leap in potty training, and perfecting oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.   As a wife, I've enjoyed keeping the house neat, traveling, and gardening.  I will have to now relearn balancing work, family, and play. 

Mama lounge will keep going but I'm going to add a new feature.  Since I will begin working in the mHealth field, I will feature new technology and services that can benefit families.  Thanks again for supporting me throughout my life transitions.  This space means a lot to me.

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