Nursing Bra 101 + Cabbage Cures Sore Breasts

As I'm coming very close to giving birth, the thought of breastfeeding becomes a bit daunting. Yeah sure it seems that this process should be intuitive, but everyone I've spoken with has described it as sometimes painful and bittersweet. But once the baby and mama find a rhythm...it's a bonding experience.

Well..my first question to readers is related to nursing bras. Do you have a favorite brand? Favorite store? Boost recommends being fitted for a high quality bra by Claudette at the Cotton & Company store on College Ave. One brand that was thrown out is Japanese Weekend. Another mama recommends simply going to Target and avoid paying too much for one. My other question was about nursing pads--it seems to be a 50/50 split between washable and disposable ones. I'm open to more suggestions.

While still searching for answers, I took a walk with a dear friend (Lake Merritt Latina Mama- LMLM). She turns to me and says "I have a remedy for sore breasts but it might sound weird, but I'll tell you anyways."

Cold cabbage leaves...place the leaves on your breasts and they will feel better. I giggled but she swears by it. We're still trying to figure out whether the color of cabbage matters. Other women swear by it too as I found many other testimonials through google! In Greek Mythology, green cabbage was fed to expectant moms to even increase their milk production. Thanks the gods for a cheap home remedy!

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