Oops...Mama Brain

So we're trying to incorporate green practices into Kai's schedule. Hence the use of Born Free bottles--they're BPA free. They're great but don't ever forget to put on the special air vent ring like I did last night.

As usual I prep a bottle for J so that he may indulge in feeding Kai. At 3:30 AM baby Kai seemed a bit traumatized by the feeding, gasping for air while his onesie was getting drenched with milk.

Defeating the purpose of me having a block of sleep, I woke up wondering "what the hell is going on?"

J is ticked off..."The damn bottle is leaking".

In my half awake state, I realized that I may have forgotten that extra ring, the "inner venting system" that's unique to these bottles.

As soon as J slams the bottle down, I checked it. Yep, I forgot it!

"It's my fault! So sorry." I yelled. I felt so bad for ruining J's nightly feeding with the little guy and horrible for Kai as he was bawling over his wet clothes.

So parents if you're going to go green, then I highly recommend born free bottles but just don't forget to connect the extra ring. Or if you do and your baby is crying... don't feel bad it's happens to all of us!

Sorry J! It won't happen again. xoxo

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