Oakland Robberies...No Joke

Do I really want to raise my kid in this city? That's the burning question. The recent restaurant holdups are no joke. As a parent I can pretend all I want that the crime in Oakland is somehow far from me while I shop at the Temescal Farmers Market. In those moments while gathered with other parents who can decide whether to buy organic heirloom tomatoes or blue bottle coffee, there's this illusion that Oakland is the perfect place to raise my child.

But the reality is that this city is drifting further and further away. These days, J and I would rather order in rather than risking being robbed at a small local restaurant. Each time I read about another hold up, I think "Damn we've been there too." or "Shit, we were just there."

Hmmm let's recount the restaurants that were held up this past year:

on Piedmont- been there
Milano on Grand- been there
King of King- been there
Nomad Cafe- been there
Pasta Pomodoro in Rockridge- been there
Furenzu in Emeryville- this place borders Oakland. I took my mom there once for mother's day.

Then to hear about a nail salon being hit where an employee was pistol whipped? My mom owned a nail salon in San Francisco for almost ten years when I was growing up. I can't help to take that news to heart. Now not only do I have to think twice about eating out but also visiting my favorite nail salon?

As a parent, I've already reconsidered this idea of raising Kai in Oakland. Honestly what are the benefits aside from the weather and diversity? Tell me.

Funny because years ago I use to get upset when non-Oaklanders would ask me "Why live in Oakland? Aren't you scared?" I used to think people were silly for asking me such nonsense. But now I ask myself the same questions.

Map of Robberies


scott said...

h and i witnessed police kill a man literally in front of our building. we love oakland, but we'll be visiting it from alameda asap.

Anonymous said...

have you guys thought of moving back to the city?
Where your mom had her nail salon in the richmond is a great place for families. I see kids play on Clement all the time :-)

Jack. SF.