Going Bananas Finding Childcare

In case you didn't know...there's a great resource right here in Oakland that is god sent! Bananas Referral Hotline will help you find any type of childcare in your neighborhood or elsewhere.

A real live person answers the phone, and looks up providers by your zip code. They'll stay on the phone with you for a long time reciting phone numbers, price, and hours of any provider. You can call as many times as needed. It doesn't get better than that.

They also have neat workshops ranging from baby massage to parent support groups.

Hooray for Bananas!

If you're considering a small family daycare, be sure to do your homework. You have the right to view the file of any daycare operating in the area. The file will contain any past complaints and evaluation reports. Plus you can talk with a state agent who can answer any questions related to the file. Visit the Community Care Licensing Division. or call 510-622-2602.

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