Oh G!

With several friends expecting, I've had a lot of questions about diapers. Every bay area parent contemplates cloth because using conventional disposals like huggies/pampers provokes a bit of guilt, especially in the bay area. But cloth diapers aren't for everyone. Maybe you don't live in a single family home with a porch for easy drop off or you don't want the faint smell of poop to develop in your house.

I was actually surprised to learn that a lot of people don't know about G diapers. I don't remember how we even stumbled upon them. But this product is a good compromise between disposable and cloth. G diapers can be flushed, composted, or trashed. If you're lazy or can't stand the thought of handling a poopie liner, then you can trash them without feeling guilty. The company vows that the diaper liners decompose in 50 days as opposed to 500 years for the standard diaper. Crazy right?

I've learned that being green does take more work. As cute as the g diapers are, those liners get dirty which means some soaking and washing. Plus, they aren't always leak proof. But overall worth the switch.

We're part timers with the g, and use 7th generation chlorine diapers for the other times. And yes, for longer outings we indulge in Pampers.

Try the G...it's not for every baby but it does reduce waste plus they're cute!

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