The Wonders of Wheat Germ Oil

For those who experienced a C-Section, there is a magic cure that will help heal the scar and the nerves impacted by the surgery. Your smiley face incision isn't as bad as the long vertical incision that surgeons use to give moms in the 70's but hey it's still a scar.

I remember the anathesiologist said to me "Ahh, the incision is below the bikini line". Even though no one really can see it, most women still want the line to fade.

Wheat germ oil is recommended by homeopaths. It is essentially rich in Vitamin E but also has other minerals that will soothe the nerves below. Your body has been tramautized in a way, so this is a solid method of nursing the area back to health. With the leftover oil, it can heal eczema and sunburns too.

It's best to buy gel pills, poke a hole, and then spread the oil on your incision daily. You'll see a difference quickly.

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