So much love

-Even after six weeks, the gifts keep being delivered to our door. This reminds me that the world is still a beautiful place and people do really celebrate the birth of a child. Today Kai received a gift from a friend we met briefly while traveling in Viet Nam three years ago. Thanks to everyone...we're in awe of the support, love, and endless gifts.

-On Saturday after attending a neighborhood festival and walking the lake, J and I realized that we've become one of THEM. Young parents walking the lake with baby in stroller or in a sling with their groceries from the Farmers Market. There seems to be hundreds of us cruisin' Lake Merritt everyday. Perhaps it's a movement? Suddenly the homicides and restaurant robberies seem a world away.

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momo said...

yeah, we live in an area with so many young families! strollers and slings galore.