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Independent author Jill Weinberg Pfeiffer already made a great impact on young people when she helped to co-found Oasis for Girls in San Francisco back in 1999. Well she's done it again by creating a children's book that will help them understand the importance of being green.

From the author:

"Think Outside the Can" is a book (actually, it's more like a booklet) that teaches children about reducing, reusing, and recycling with the help of Remo the bird. It's sort of like Wallace and Grommit meets Al Gore. (OK, that sounds way cooler than it is...It's actually more like Mr. Bill meets a modern day School House Rock episode.)

How cool is that? You can support this great work by purchasing a copy for your family and friends now at Trafford Publishing
It will be available at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles online in 8 weeks.
Support independent works!
Congrats Jill for being able to complete this wonderful book while raising her daughter and working full time!

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