Cradle Cap Cure is in your Kitchen Cabinet

As cute as babies can be, little ones can also develop not so cute ailments. The other day I looked down at Kai's hair and saw some jumbo flakes. With a close examination, I discovered dry scaly spots on his scalp. Though it looks terrible, he doesn't seem too bothered by it. Cradle cap or Milk Crust are the baby names for seborrhoeic dermatitis. No reason to fret...it's very common.

For the past week, I've been applying diluted tea tree oil and olive oil with a cotton ball in the dry area. Letting the oils soak for awhile, then washing with Aveeno baby shampoo. I rinse with lukewarm water to prevent additional dryness that can be caused by hot water. So far, it seems that the milk crust is healing. Every other day, I've applied a bit of calendula cream to moisturize too.

Hint: Tea tree oil can be bought at Trader Joe's for cheap!

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