Chinatown: Strollers Are a No Go

After cruising through the Old Oakland Farmer's Market last Friday successfully with baby in stroller, I was feeling pretty good. I pressed my luck and tried to pick up more groceries in Chinatown. After attempting to shop at one food store, I realized a stroller is not a good idea here. Many of the Chinatown stores are a bit cluttered making it difficult to roll a stroller through. Plus there is always the man wheeling a dolly with stacked produce boxes in the tiny aisles. Most often, he's not willing to share space with a stroller mom. Plus the older Asian ladies are equipped to fight you for space with their rollie carts.

Next time around I'll definitely bring the sling.

Stroller Space Ratings:

Cam Huong Deli-- Only possible before the lunch time rush. If there's more than five people in line, you're out of luck.

Good Luck Supermarket-- Probably the most spacious of stores in the area. Wide aisles for stroller moms to cruise. Not the best selection of food but it will work for staple asian items like tofu and oyster sauce. There's a parking lot though!

Yuen Hop Noodle Company-- It might be worth it to stroll through and get a fresh pack of noodles but shop quickly. Not much stroller space either.

Even with baby, Oakland Chinatown is worth a visit especially with the new safe and decorative scramble crosswalks.

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