Green Washing: Makes You Wonder

I’ve been seeing the new ads for JIF Natural. I’m a huge fan of peanut butter so I take notice. Sure as a kid from the 80’s, my mom only bought creamy JIF to make peanut sauce for our Vietnamese spring rolls. With the leftovers, I made PB & J sandwiches on Wonder Bread. But I was also the kid who ate Smuckers Grape Jelly straight from the jar. I didn’t know any better! It was only when I turned 22 did I try 100% natural peanut butter for the first time. Damn, it’s good despite the pool of oil sitting on top of the jar.

So back to JIF, they created this new natural line. Hmmm…makes me wonder what was it before if not natural? Looks like all these old school companies are jumpin’ on the green wagon. Why didn’t they just make things natural in the first place?

I believe the Natural JIF is now 90% peanuts and the rest is still sugar, palm oil, and salt.

Close enough, I guess but there’s no turning back for me. Remember there are benefits to eating this fatty and delicious food but you don't reap the benefits by eating refined peanut butter.

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