Hello Heels! Guilt-Free High Heels for Moms

Over the weekend I had to go to a wedding solo with baby Kai. Before having a baby, I loved to rock high heeled boots. Since giving birth, I’ve stuck to flats and sneakers when cruising around with the baby. While getting dressed for the wedding, I was torn about wearing my vintage boots with three and half inch heels. The flats were too unsexy. Hey, I know I’m not the only mom who still wants to look good. Part of me felt guilty because I thought about the slim chance I might get chased by a maniac on the street, and these boots definitely weren’t made for running. I also thought about how other moms might curse me for wearing heels while pushing a stroller. I tried my luck anyways.

There I was in San Francisco, a mom in high heels. I was able to push the stroller three blocks to the church. I carried him with ease too. It was kinda liberating! Of course, I’m not going to make it a habit but I’ll indulge once in awhile.

Maybe even purchase a few sexy and functional heels like these:

Indigo by Clarks Shoes (Yes, the same maker of the clunky, mule type shoes that you swore you’d never wear. They created a designer line which combines fashion and comfort)

YOU shoes (made by Crocs. Lots of moms wear Crocs, not me! But they also have a designer and comfort line)

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