Lactation Room Banter

I’m amazed how women can let down their guard in the lactation room. Gone is the cattiness that can happen in the every day world. We are total strangers with our boobs out, suction cup accessories, and freshly pumped milk learning to co-exist. Sound like a new reality show? No way, there’s never drama up in there.

It may seem like a strange sight but we carry on normal conversations as we fill up 5 ounce bottles. When a new person arrives, it’s a bit awkward. Sure we scope each other out at first. What kind of pump does she rock? How much milk is she pumpin’? We pretend to read the old issues of Parenting magazine, but then the ice will break.

“Hi, I’m Ly. I’ve been pumping here for three months. What’s your name?”

Then ten minutes later, this stranger and I have shared stories about our babies and our boobs. I’ve learned to like this new universe that I enter into twice a day.

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