Mum-Mum: Asian Snack for Baby

Being Asian and a rice fanatic, I was thrilled to learn about Baby Mum-Mum at Kai’s last play date. Props to Lisa for turning us on to these lovely snacks.

As other parents know, the search for the perfect baby cracker is hard. Kai’s not old enough to nibble on the standard teething biscuit as they are made for 9 month olds.

Mum-Mums are rice crackers without the sodium, spice, or seaweed you might find in the adult version. They are individually packed and extra long for an easy grip. They seem to dissolve easily in baby’s mouth and make no mess on the floor. Plus, parents won’t mind eating any left over crackers either, they’re pretty good.

Mum-Mum crackers are made in China but have been Canadian tested so there are no deadly ingredients involved.

Hooray for Baby Mum-Mum!

I’ve never seen them at any grocery store in Oakland but you can buy them on Amazon.

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