In Honor of International Women’s Day

Recycle your Cosmos and Maxim magazines. Instead show the women in your life some real respect on March 8 and every day after that. If you have a chance, there are 5 places in the world that you must visit to understand the monumental contributions of women all over the world:

1)Hanoi Women’s Museum—Often overlooked on tours, but this four- story museum is a must-see. There are rare photos from the Viet Nam war of women who were messengers and guerrilla soldiers.

2)The Women’s Building in San Francisco’s Mission District—The MaestraPeace mural is breathtaking and worth visiting.

3)International Museum of Women, San Francisco

4)National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C.

5)Your grandma’s house.
When you look into your grandma’s eyes, there is perseverance and strength. She has certainly contributed to your life in a big way. Even in their mid-70’s, both my grandmothers still have their wits. They’ve lived through a war, famine, and multiple childbirths!

What other women focused places are special to you?

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