Must Have for Baby Cruisers: Giant Fitness Ball

Baby Kai started to crawl last weekend! At eight months, he’s got the curiosity of a five year old and cruises around every where. One of the best distractions for him has been our giant blue fitness ball. We started using the ball when he was a newborn to bounce him to sleep. Now this giant object has grown into the best toy around the house.

Kai giggles like crazy chasing the ball, drums his hands against the rubber surface to make music, and practices soccer kicks while dad holds him up. Plus it’s great for playing peek-a-boo too. The bigger the better as babies will be obsessed with the brightly colored rolling ball. Baby safe for sure since the material is burst resistant. Kudos to another multi-functional object that’s good for baby and parents.

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Kay said...

Congratulations Kai! So glad to hear you are crawling! The fitness ball is fabulous. Our 11-week old, Malcolm, loves it. I think it's because I used it so much throughout my pregnancy to stretch and sit on when the couch or regular chair seemed too uncomfortable. Now, I bounce on it to put Malcolm to sleep and I think the motion reminds him of being in the womb. So I appreciate your suggestions for using it when Malcolm's ready to play.