Ooh...Organic Beauty Products

On Sunday I went on a bit of a shopping binge. My ruling planet Venus was finally direct and I could spend money on things related to beauty again. I don't wear much make up so I hardly ever shop for it. My bronzer was running out, so I decided to splurge a bit at Longs Drugs. No, I'm not one to spend over $20 for lip gloss or eye shadow. I bought MAC make up once in my life but still I can't justify buying expensive make-up.

Anyways I headed over to the Physician's Formula section and discovered that they have a whole new line of 100% organic wear.
Anything from foundation to lip gloss. Apparently it's the first make up collection that is entirely eco friendly. I figured since I buy almost all eco friendly body products for Kai, then I should buy "good for us" make up too. Plus, everything comes in a pretty recycled paper box.

Thought I'd share. I bought the items below with an additional 20% off:

Lip Gloss for $5.99
Concealer Stick for $7.00
Bronzer for $12.00


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