Aaahh, Mother’s Day

I experienced my first this past weekend. I’d have to say for a Hallmark holiday, it was pretty sweet. Here’s how I spent it:

- Celebrated a dear friend’s 90th birthday at the SF Metropolitan Club
What a beautiful place! I hope my kids write me poems when I’m 90.

- Picked up falafel and had a picnic at Golden Gate Park

-Walked around the Conservatory of Flowers. Definitely worth it for $5! I love how each exhibit has a different room temperature. We went from humid tropical weather to cloud level cool.

- Had Thai Tea Ice-Cream at Joe’s

-Picked up chicken karaage and sushi from Nijiya Market in J-Town for dinner


- Brunch with all the mother’s in our family

- Nice swim at the YMCA with the baby

I ended my weekend by mopping the floors! It wasn’t so bad after having such a fantastic weekend.

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