Our Pets are Family Too

Our cat Choco is on a retreat in Moraga which is about 14 miles away from Oakland. No worries, he’s in good hands with family. We’re trying to determine if Kai is allergic to the cat.

Choco is intuitive. The night before we took him over to Moraga, he gave us the big watery eyes and wouldn’t leave our side. Minutes before we left the house, he hid under the bed in a hard to get place. Eventually, Choco surrendered and climbed into his travel carriage. Our three year old niece welcomed him with cat treats, a bowl of fresh water, and stuffed toys. She’s excited to take care of Choco for a few weeks. Even with his initial resistance, Choco was purring when I kissed him good-bye.

When we returned home, the house felt empty. Choco and I go way back further than my husband and I do. I’ve been taking care of him for over seven years. He’s been through the rough times with me. So the thought of having to move him out of the house permanently is actually really hard for me. Realizing that he’s an older cat who won’t get adopted at the shelter and may face being put to sleep is especially difficult.

Last night we watched Marley & Me. I know, the book is supposed to be better than the movie. Even still, I was crying by the end of it. Pets aren’t really pets, they’re family. Choco loves us even when we don’t give him attention or leave him at home alone for several days. He’s a trooper. Hopefully we won’t have to give him up. Meow!

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