Ouch...My Baby Bites the Boob

I’ve been nursing for over 10 months now. Way longer than expected. Just as I’m about to hit that one year goal, Kai has grown two more teeth. In total, he has 6 teeth. Lately, he will bite me out of the blue while nursing. I can’t help but to let out a little scream because it hurts like crazy and I never know when it’s coming. I can’t call it quits now…I’m too close to that finish line.

If you’re in the same boat as me, keep nursing til that one year mark. Easier said that done right? Here are some great tips from Valerie Delp on Families.

My favorite excerpt:


It is appropriate to yelp, say "Ouch", very loudly and in other ways communicate that you don't like being bitten. Many moms seem to think that this is part of nursing and some moms even just grit their teeth and endure it. You definitely don't need to do that. Pry your baby from the breast and watch for a reaction. Sensitive babies will begin to cry. Continue nursing and repeat the same steps every time she bites.

Likewise, you can make a big deal when your baby is nursing without biting. Saying things like "Nice nursies," or whatever will help reinforce the idea that nursing is not a time to test out chompin. - Valerie Delp

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