Friendly Skies? Flying International with Baby

Well, I don't know how friendly the skies will be. In two weeks, we're headed to Osaka with Kai. I've been a bit nervous about flying with him. The flight on Asiana will be about 12 hours. Yikes! I've been getting advice on how to alleviate the pressure on his ears. Nurse him. Give him water. I've been hearing about having to change the baby in the tiny bathroom. To bring extra clothes for myself in case he gets airsick. Fun! I'm just praying that whoever we sit next to will be understanding. Anyone have advice? Maybe giving Kai the boob will solve all my worries.

It didn't help that I read this story last night in the New Yorker...the author didn't find it amusing to sit next to a small child on the plane :0

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This post by Jessica McFadden made me feel better.

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