Traveling with Kai on the long flight to Osaka wasn't so bad. In fact, there were a total of 11 other babies on the Asiana Air flight. Overall having a baby with you actually makes the time go by faster.

On Day 1, we went to visit the Osaka Kaiyukan Aqaurium which is amazing. If you think the Monterey Bay Aqaurium is cool, then this one will blow your mind. It has the biggest aquarium tank in the world. Kai was delighted to witness a sloth climb a tree branch and look into the eyes of pretty fish. He made some friends too along the way.

Down the street from Aqaurium, there is a sweet old lady who makes the best takoyaki too!

Also, there have been many Elmo sightings at the arcades in the Namba district.

I'll keep you posted with pictures and such shortly.

Btw, we discovered a place called Mister Donuts which makes their doughnuts in mini sizes and super delicious and soft.

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