ER Wish--Create More Kid-Friendly Rooms

Are ER’s created equally? I wonder. It’s never fun having to take anyone there, but especially your baby. While we were in the ER at Kaiser Oakland, I thought of ways the experience could be less scary and more comforting:

1. Solid knowledge of your wait time. I know the ER is hectic, and staff are working hard and quickly as possible. But I wish that the receptionist could tell you exactly how long you needed to wait. It could be anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours. If you knew that your wait was going to be over an hour, at least you could wait in an area that’s more pleasant. The ER waiting area always feels so tense and the wait feels like forever.

2. How about some soothing music in the waiting area? Or even soothing sounds of nature. Wouldn’t everyone feel a little better?

3. Rooms dedicated to children and babies. It’s so scary for young kids to be in the hospital and the sterile/drab environment probably doesn’t help. It would be nice to have a couple of rooms dedicated to the young ones. There must be room in the budget for a bit of colorful paint, soft blankets, and books.

Wait a minute... ER’s aren’t created equally:

-Stanford Medical created a Children’s Wing in their ER
-Sweden has a pediatric ER in several locations.
- NY Presbyterian-Weill Cornell installed mural tiles for pediatric emergency rooms

Hmmmm...will the rest of the world catch on anytime soon?

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