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Following up from my post about my semi-scary experience taking baby on the BART elevator.

to me

Follow up message

I regret the unpleasant experience as described. Certainly there are some urban areas such as that near the Civic Center SF BART station where activities in the surrounding neighborhoods may find their way into the periphery of the BART station. Such infractions as described appear in a flash--that brief moment of opportunity.

We continually watch for inappropriate behavior and the BART Police will respond to calls based on the priority of the calls at the moment. We also look upon the assistance of the eyes and ears of our passengers to help us and report immediately when something perceived as inappropriate is occurring. A prompt contact to the BART Police at 1-877-679-7000 or to the station agent works much better than an email message to an office that is unoccupied on weekends.

All I have to say is when we were in Oaska and Kyoto, Japan, the subway elevators did not reek of urine and there was no element of danger. Plus despite the fact that people are allowed to drink on the trains, there is still no litter anywhere in their stations or trains. Plus every single station agent and ticket seller were amazingly nice and helpful. They never made it felt like you were bothering them. Hmmm...something to be learned from other countries. Anyways, just beware of your surroundings when taking bart with a baby in the stroller.

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