Product Review: wee-go bottles by lifefactory

When I opened up the box from lifefactory, I was quite charmed by the blue tactile sleeve on the glass bottle. Originally I thought we could test out the 9 0z bottle on our vacation to Japan, but it was a bit heavy even without liquid. So I abandoned the idea. Perhaps that’s the only imperfection of the bottle but it’s more likely that I’m not use to carrying glass.

Good news is that Kai was excited to come home and test out the wee-go bottle. He was a little bored with his Born Free bottle and sippy cup. Within seconds, Kai’s fingers were playfully grasping the blue silicone and he took a big chug of water:

You’ll be happy to know that the bottle’s co-founder Pam Marcus worked with babies and children for over twenty years. Pam’s knowledge and passion paired with the talent of designer Daren Edward Joy gave birth to a bottle complete with good looks and functionality.

The fine construction of the bottle is undeniable. The bottle survived our dishwater and several rounds of Kai throwing it on the kitchen floor.

Wee-Go bottles are quite inexpensive considering the quality and ingenuity: $12.49 for the 4oz and $14.99 for the 9 oz. Plus the bottles come in colors that pop. Most importantly, the bottles have no harmful chemicals and are produced in the “greenest” way possible.

What are you waiting for? Go get your wee-go bottle. It's Kai-approved.

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