Review and Product Give Away…Vitamin Drink with an Aloha Spirit

For those of you who swear by EmergenC, I have a new product for you. Ola Loa is a Hawaiian based company that created a new kind of vitamin powder that kids can enjoy too.

You may appreciate the fact that Ola Loa packets come in bursting flavors like Tropical or Cran-Rasberry. They use mostly natural ingredients such as tumeric for color.

I personally tried the Lemon Lime flavor and my guest taster tried the Mango Tangerine.

My guest tester is a bicyclist who relies on vitamin sports drinks. Here is what he had to say:

“Yeah, I didn’t use much water…wouldn’t hold up to like a water bottle (meaning entire sports water bottle might dilute the powder too much, so use less water) but EmergenC doesn’t either. Much more intense and flavorful than EmergenC”

As for me, I’m not big on effervescent vitamin drinks but I appreciate the energy and Aloha spirit that Ola Loa is bringing to the market. The flavors are interesting and unique plus I like that it’s safe enough for the kids. Who knows…Kai may become a big fan when he’s older.

If you would like to try the product, please connect through a comment and I will send a sampler to the first three people. Thanks!

For more information, visit www.drinkyourvitamins.com

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