Solo Trip Part 2--So far, so good

First off, apologies for anyone who has posted a comment and failed to see their comment visible. I'm working out tech issues. I'm bummed because those comments may be lost.

Good news is that my first night away from baby and hubby was so much fun. The night entailed filipino food at Krystal's and halal street food. Yum! A ton of walking through Jackson Heights and Flushing. My friend and I discovered a massive Indian market with a huge collection of incense. paratha, and basmiti rice.

Came back to munch on sweet pineapple and laughed over misspellings in a vietnamese recipe book. There was a recipe for Sweat and Sour Fish soup. You gotta love it.

Then we stayed up til 2am watching Notorious and she glamoured up my nails. For real, I'm talking jewels and silver stripes.

Of course I miss my babies. But it's nice to be here too. All my wise women friends were right, I would instantly enjoy being on my own again.

Thanks C and M for being cool hosts.

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