Best Holiday Stockings

Silly, not pantyhose. I’m talking about the kind you stuff with little old school presents like Slinkys and chocolate Santas. When Chococat lived with us, I even had a stocking for him filled with mini cans of wet food and cat nip. If you’re like me and aren’t satisfied with just the ordinary stockings found at the drug store, check these out:

Indie Stockings

Wooly Wooly
at Etsy offers an eco friendly stocking:

at Estsy also has darling eco spun felt stockings:

For dog fans, this stocking was handmade in Nepal: Global Exchange:

Big Box Stockings

Target offers cute monogrammed stockings for $9.00:

Ikea stockings are chic and cheap at $2.99:

Mine are personally from Ikea 06 because they were cute and cheap. I have to glitz them out over the weekend and I’ll take a photo once they’re done 

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