Winter Warm Food

We going through some serious winter chill in the Bay Area. Seriously it even snowed on Mt. Diablo.

Last night we discovered a great way to stay warm in our old Victorian home by cooking lots of hearty and hot foods.

With some leftover crab and chicken andouille sausage, I was inspired to make gumbo. It turned out pretty scrumptious.

J made two pizzas with Trader Joe’s dough:

Pizza 1: Spinach, Red onions, and Tomato with Asiago and Parmesan Cheese
Pizza 2: Pepperoni, red onions, and marinara sauce sprinkled with Asiago

Baby Kai tried out his culinary skills using a whisk and mixing bowl creating horchata with vanilla rice dream and cinnamon. It was so yummy he drank it right out of the bowl.

Cheers to cold weather and good food!

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