It Takes A Village

Raising a child is not possible without love and support from friends and family. Kai is blessed to be born into a large and loving circle of people. We cherish our friends and family who will babysit on a weekend, laugh at Kai’s silly stunts, and teach him about life. A few weeks ago our friend D.V. wrote us this note:

i was thinking about you guys
later that night
at our sangha practice
we were discussing the practice of peace
and it got me reflecting on
the many different ways
to practice peace

i've seen so many families
where young children,
through no fault of their own,
inherit, and manifest in their own behaviors,
the violence and anger
of their parents

and then i see someone like kai
who has a naturally gentle and joyful
way of being in the world
and i know that it is a manifestation
of the way that you are raising him
and i deeply respect and admire you both
for that

Thank you to D.V. and his lovely wife for making Kai laugh on sunny afternoons in Alameda. That is true friendship.

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Dzung Vo said...

What a precious afternoon, thank you for sharing!