Kai's Words at 23 months

You know when you read those books in the series What to Expect and each chapter starts out with by "by 23 months, your child should be able, might able to, may even be able to"

People always want to know if your baby talks a lot. Apparently boys aren't as quick as girls. Rather than trying to guess if Kai was making it in the range of 50 words by now, I decided to make a list. Plus i thought kai would get a kick out of this list when he's my age. These are words he actually says and there's a bunch more he understands:

Ernie, apple, cookin', nana, yes, no, kai, jim, jimbo, momma, daddy, ong (viet for grandpa), ba (viet for grandma), one, two, nine, cars, bus, train, choo choo, puppy, woof woof, hop, cow, moo moo, stop, rice, hurt, hot, turtle, baby, fish, rock, eyes, dean, zara, bug, milk, more, mine, water, ball, bubble, hello, hi, bye, lolo (tagalog for grandpa), hat, help, zoo, cookie, kite, clock (sometimes can't say the "L"), wow, up, me, out, gone, it, potty, whoa, see, yummy, bee, pee pee, caca, brush, watch, buddy, money, moon, sock, elmo, dora, tv, on, go...

his phrases:

want it, help me, rock on, ready go, and excuse me

letters: S, B, D, T

numbers: 1, 2, 3, 9

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