One Child Family or More?

Maybe it's because I'm turning 35 and my son is at the prime age of 2 where we decide whether to have another one.  I cannot tell you how much I struggle with this question. I've always known I wanted to be a mom but to how many is unknown.  I grew up as an only child and understand the challenges that come with that. It's tough because I know that what I feel now is not what I may feel ten years from now.  I feel that the pressure is on.  Finances, the loss of me time, and the impact on marriage are key. On the days I side with keeping it to one child, I feel like I'm being selfish.  On the days, I consider having two, I don't feel confident. But I'm also the same person that is deeply touched by a sibling's speech at their brother or sister's wedding. With me as an only child and J as sibling to three brothers, the conversation can be quite complex.

As I contemplate each day, I'm discovering interesting perspectives that resonate with me.

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If you'd like to share your view on siblings or how you made the decision, please do.

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