Revolution Foods Revamps School Lunches

While we were traveling in Viet Nam, one of the treats we packed along for Kai was Jammy Sammy by Revolution Foods.  I found out recently that this woman owned company is paving the path to bring healthy food to the school system. 

I remember being a 5th grader at Lafayette School in San Francisco and participating in the hot lunch program.  The women in lab coats and hairnets served tator tots and chocolate milk that I loved, but the chicken patties and hamburger meat were always questionable.  In high school, we had something called “The Beanery” where frozen burritos, giant chocolate chip cookies, bagels, and hostess cupcakes sold for under a buck.  

Not only is Revolution Foods introducing yogurt, organic fruit, whole wheat breads, and salads to students and faculty at schools in the bay area, they conduct cooking demos and provide lessons on healthy eating. Imagine seeing kids in a school court yard eating yogurt and berries instead of hostess cupcakes for breakfast.  Maybe school fights and bad test scores would be a thing of the past. Even though I survived school food full of strange ingredients, I’m glad that the future is bright for Kai’s food experience.

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